Big Easy Jumper

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Knit Pattern

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LEVEL: Intermediate


Big Easy Jumper

Raglan sweater knit pattern

PDF Download

The Big Easy Jumper is an easy top-down raglan sweater. It is worked in one piece. That means no sewing is needed at the end. Thanks to the top-down construction, you can check the length while knitting your sweater and adjust it easily to your needs.

This pattern is the perfect knitting pattern, if you have already knitted sweaters flat and want to make your first steps with top-down raglan sweaters. Or if you simply love chunky knit sweaters 🙂 Made with e.g. The Wool by we are knitters, you can see this sweater growing with every row. It’s a super quick knit that keeps you super warm on cold winter days.

If you are looking for more easy top-down raglan sweaters, also check my Chunky Raglan Basics Bundle.

LEVEL: Intermediate

SIZE: XS, S, M, L and XL

MEASUREMENTS: Width: (53) 57 (60) 62 (65) cm, length variable.


  • 10 and 15 mm circular needles, 10 mm double pointed needles
  • E.g. 5 (XS, S, M), 6 (L) or 7 (XL) x 200g we are knitters The Wool, or a similar wool (200g = ~80m)
  • A sewing needle
  • Some stitch markers


You should master these basic techniques:

Knit stitch – purl stitch – cast-on – cast-off.

The following techniques are explained in the pattern:

Knit 2 together – left leaning increase – right leaning increase.

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