Welcome to TheKnitStitch!

I am Melanie and I am the founder of TheKnitStitch. On The-Knit-Stitch.com I would like to offer my own knitting and crocheting patterns. My goal is to make these patterns as easy and understandable as possible, even if the patterns are more difficult.

That’s why I chose the name. “The Knit Stitch” is the simplest knitting stitch and at the same time the basis for almost every knitting pattern, simple as well as complicated.

With my patterns I hope to give you the basis to realize great knitting and crocheting projects, from beginners to knitting professionals. My guides are also divided into difficulty levels so you can choose the right pattern for your knitting level. If you are stuck at any point in the tutorial or have any questions, I’m always here to help you.

Besides the patterns I would like to offer tutorials and show different knitting patterns. My list is already long, but good things take time. Therefore the blog should grow step by step.

Have a look from time to time, what’s new, or give me feedback on my patterns and articles. I look forward to it!