Chunky Armstulpen

Quick and easy knitting pattern for chunky arm warmers

Here I have my first free knitting pattern for you: super easy and fast chunky arm warmers. Just the right thing for cold winter days. Because who likes to have cold hands? The advantage: you have your fingers free and can still use your smartphone. Furthermore the chunky arm warmers look simply great. And because they are especially short, they fit every jacket and every winter coat, despite the thick wool.





The following techniques are used for this pattern. If you do not know any of them, please have a look at my tutorials first.

Basic techniques:

Knit stitchcast-oncast-off.

Knitting stitch used:

Garter stitch


Cast-on 10 stitches on one of your 15 mm knitting needles.

Knit Row 1 – 20 in garter stitch. This means that you knit all stitches in all rows.

Knitting chunky arm warmers
Knitting chunky arm warmers

After you have knitted all 20 rows, cast-off the 10 stitches and cut the thread generously.

You have now knitted a rectangle.

Chunky arm warmers basis
Chunky arm warmers basis

To finish your arm warmers, you only have to sew the two ends together now. Take your sewing needle and sew the sides together until about halfway. Then start sewing from the other side, leaving about 2 cm free in the middle so that you have an opening for your thumb. Hide the remaining yarn with your sewing needle.

Repeat this for the second one.

And done!

Your finished chunky arm warmers
Your finished chunky arm warmers

For the arm warmers you also only need a small part of the wool ball. So you can also use leftovers from your stash, or knit several arm warmers and give them away to your favourite ones.

Chunky arm warmers for your favorite ones
Chunky arm warmers for your favorite ones

Have fun knitting!


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