Stirnband im Schleifen-Look

Free knitting pattern for a bow headband in seed stitch

Knitting pattern for two different headbands can already be found as a set in my shop: the pattern for the Bee Mine Headband in the beautiful bee stitch, and the pattern for the Turn My Headband. Both are perfect to keep your ears warm in cold temperatures.

Since it is slowly getting a little warmer, I wanted to publish a pattern for a headband for spring or autumn. I have decided on a headband in a bow-look made of the cotton from we are knitters. The bow headband in seed stitch is a super cute and fast knitted headband with a bow look. This look is created by wrapping the yarn around the knitted headband several times. This is super easy, so this knitting pattern is also suitable for beginners.




  • 1 pair of 5 mm knitting needles
  • E.g. 1 x 100 g we are knitters The Cotton or a similar yarn. For the headband you will only need a small part of the skein. So you can also use wool leftovers.
  • A sewing needle


The following techniques are used for this pattern. If you do not know any of them, please have a look at my tutorials first.

Basic techniques:

Knit stitch – purl stitch – cast-oncast-off.

Knitting stitch used:

Seed stitch.


Cast-on 14 stitches on one of your 5 mm knitting needles.

Knit the headband in seed stich. This means that you knit all rows as follows: Knit 1 stitch. Purl 1 stitch. Repeat until the end of the row.

Knit a headband in seed stitch
Knit a headband in seed stitch

Now knit as many rows until you can wrap the headband around your head. Make sure that the two ends do not overlap. Otherwise the headband will fit too loosely later.

Cast-off all stitches.

Now you can sew the two ends of the headband together with your sewing needle. Theoretically you already have a finished headband.

Headband in seed stitch
Headband in seed stitch

For the bow look you now cut a thread of about 10 cm length in the same color and wrap it around the middle of your headband a few times. Make sure that the beginning of the thread is wrapped tightly. When you have done this, you only have to hide the end of the thread on the inside of your headband.

Tie the bow
Tie the bow


Have fun knitting!


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